Thursday, 14 June 2018

Yay Grandparents' Day

Last week it was Grandparents' Day. We were so lucky to have a Book Fair as well. So some kind Grandparents came to our class and took us to look at the books and buy some!

We showed our visitors our classroom and all our lovely stories and handwriting. It was a fun day.


Thursday, 17 May 2018

Swimming Sensation!

We had so much fun this week. Did you know we went on the bus to Newmarket pools for four days! It was exciting to meet our swimming teachers and learn even more about swimming.
All of room 11 got a certificate from the Hilton Brown Swimming school.
Here are some of our photos...

We were so lucky so many Mums and Dads came to help us every single day. Ms Andrew says "Thanks so much"

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Junior Assembly

Today is the last day of term. We had our turn to present to the juniors. Sisley and Cooper read the script. It was tricky! We shared some poems and sang our favourite songs. The teachers gave out certificates. It was very exciting. Please check out our proud faces...

Today is Beanie's last day with us. She is studying teaching at the university. We have loved having her in room 11. She has had lots of fun and she is coming back later next term again so we are very pleased. Have a good holiday break everyone.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

We were the Green Team at lunchtimes for a week. We get to wear the vest and pick up rubbish with the tongs. It is so much fun and we all get a turn.

We have been learning about growing. We are so much bigger and can do so much more than when we were babies.
We have experimented to find out what plants need to grow.

We planted some little garden seeds. They had a seed mat and soil as well as a pot that can go in the ground in the garden. We grew lots of plants and then we took them home.

Safe Walking with Constable Gordon

Room 11 is so lucky to have Constable Gordon visit us again. He took us out to have a ride in his police car. We got to use the microphone and hear the loud siren! The car has lots of bright lights and we wore our and sat in the booster seats to have a ride.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Room 11 and 12 are still carefully counting how many days we have been at school. We are over 20 now!  Constable Gordan came to show us how to safely cross the road. We started to have a go and we got it right. He was so proud of our listening.
Here are some of us being very careful to stop, look and listen before we cross.
We know to keep looking as we cross.

We learned a poem to help us remember:

Stop, look and listen
before you cross the street,
Use your eyes, use your ears 
before you use your feet!